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Vancouver is an unusual mix of big city culture and laid back West Coast style. Whether your looking for an urban experience or your set to explore the outdoors, Vancouver is the perfect place for an adventure

Vancouver Neighbourhoods

With endless options for food, drinks, shopping, activities, sights and attractions, Vancouver is a city that begs to be explored.

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    Main Street

    This hip and trendy shopping district has long been known for its amazing boutique shops, but it’s even better for vintage and consignment fashions.

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    West 4th

    Located just a few blocks north of Kits Beach, West 4th Avenue is a hub for Kitsilano shopping and dining.

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    A former industrial area, Yaletown’s brick warehouses have been converted into hip clothing stores, modern designer furniture outlets, spas and galleries.

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    South Granville

    On the south side of the Granville Bridge is the South Granville shopping district, which stretches up to West 16th Avenue.  

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    Robson Street

    Vancouver’s most popular shopping street, Robson is where most visitors find themselves when the shopping bug hits. 

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    Granville Island

    A pedestrian-friendly, picturesque peninsula, Granville Island is the perfect place to combine cuisine, culture and shopping. 

  • gastown-vancouver-shopping-district-govancity


    Historic Gastown has emerged as a hotspot for fashion boutiques, modern homewares and gifts. 

  • Davie Village

    The West End’s shopping tends to be focused around Davie Village, the heart of which is at Davie and Bute streets and it radiates out from there.

  • Downtown/Granville Street

    The downtown blocks bordered by Burrard, Howe, Hastings and Georgia streets is a surprising treasure trove of unique stores, high-end fashion retailers and invaluable services.  

  • Kitsilano-Broadway-Vancouver-shopping-district-govancity

    Kits On Broadway

    Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, West Broadway offers a fantastic mix of shops, restaurants and services.

  • kerrisdale-vancouver-shopping-district-govancity

    Kerrisdale Village

    From the best couture for baby to an oasis for your urban puppy, every age and taste can be accommodated in more than 200 shops.

  • cambie-village-vancouver-shopping-govancity

    Cambie Village

    Stretching along this corridore you’ll find big brand names mixed in with local shops and services.

  • Commercial Drive

    Known as The Drive – Commercial Drive is one of the best and most colourful shopping, dining and nightlife districts you will find in the city.

  • chinatown-vancouver-shopping-district-govancity


    Vancouver’s Chinatown brings together old and new. from picking up some specialty ingredients to hip independent boutiques.

  • punjabi-makret-little-india-vancouver-shopping-govancity

    Punjabi Market

    As the cultural focal point of the City of Vancouver’s Indo-Canadian population, the Punjabi Market is a five-block stretch along south Main Street.

  • point-grey-village-vancouver-govancity.com

    Point Grey Village

    Although it’s the city’s smallest BIA, it packs in a variety of boutique restaurants and shops, as well as professional services.

  • dunvar-village-vancouver-govancity.com

    Dunbar Village

    The Dunbar Village is a community-focused commercial area along Dunbar Street that reaches from 16th Avenue to West 41st Avenue

  • south-hill-village-shopping-district-vancouver-govancity.com

    South Hill

    This nine-block business district along Fraser Street between East 41st and 50th Avenues features more than 29 restaurants and coffee shops.

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